Food Enforcement

Food Enforcement
Ellie Goldberg
July 2, 2009
If you've walked into Hagerty Library recently, you've noticed that Bookmark Cafe is closed for renovations until the end of the summer. "Where do I eat my meal?" you may ask. The answer is "outside of the library." In order to keep the building clean, pest free, and accessible for all of our patrons, we must continue to enforce our food policy while the cafe is closed. This means that you can bring in small snacks and drinks in covered containers but not hoagies, french fries, pizza, egg sandwiches, or anything that could be construed as a meal. This policy applies to all areas of Hagerty Library, *including classrooms.* Starting on Monday, July 6th, public safety staff at the entry gates to the library will help us enforce our food policy by asking patrons to leave their meals at the door.  Please pitch in and help keep Hagerty clean and pest free by respecting the rules--and those who enforce them.

Here are some on-campus common areas where your meals are welcome with open arms:

Pearlstein Learning Center (Lounge at Starbucks) Matheson Hall (basement study area) Korman Hall (lobby) Nestbit Hall (lobby) Bossone Research Center (past the desk and to the left as you enter) Rush Building (courtyard and lobby) Handchumacher Dining Center Creese Student Center (lobby) LeBow Engineering Center (lobby)