A Full Office

A Full Office
Ellie Goldberg
August 5, 2009
Please install full Microsoft Office on the second floor computers. (i.e. Microsoft Word).

Thank you for your recommendation. The computers on the second floor are primarily intended for access to the library’s catalog—that’s why they’re placed near and among the book stacks. We know that people use them for checking email and other quick tasks, but we don’t want people to use them for more than a few minutes. This way everyone will be able to check the catalog when they’re in the stacks.

If you’d like to use Microsoft Office programs, they’re installed on the new computers on the first floor, and on the computers in the lower level classrooms (which you’re welcome to use as computer labs when there’s no class being held). Additionally, the Microsoft Office suite is installed in the laptops that are available from the circulation desk for two-hour, in-library loan.