Funding Opportunities Database trial from Drexel University Libraries

Funding Opportunities Database trial from Drexel University Libraries
Jenny James Lee
March 5, 2014

For a number of years Drexel University Libraries has licensed the COS Funding Opportunities database for campus-wide use. For the month of March we will be testing out a competing database product from InfoEd called SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network).

From March 3 - March 28 the Drexel community has IP-enabled access to the SPIN database, found here: SPIN TRIAL. In addition, we have access to the full set of personalization features within the product. To take advantage of these features, you must establish a “Genius” profile following the instructions below. There is an overnight process that needs to run once you have submitted your profile request. You do NOT need to establish a profile to search the database.

The SPIN tool is feature rich. There are a number of helpful training videos available from a link in the upper right hand corner of the search screen. Librarians will be working extensively with the SPIN database over the next few weeks and will be comparing it’s features and content to that of COS Funding Opportunities. We are also very interested in feedback from the Drexel community. Near the end of the trial period we’ll be sending out a short survey to gather your comments. If you have comments or questions at any time during the trial, please contact Beth Ten Have, director of library academic partnerships, or your liaison librarian.

Instructions for establishing ‘Genius’ Profile
* Go to

* Click on the GENIUS link along the top of the page 

* Choose Create New Profile 

* Select DREXEL from the drop down list 

* On the New Profile Registration Page complete ONLY : First name; Last Name; Email; select the ONLY department listed; enter USERNAME; enter PASSWORD. 

* Click Submit 

* You will now be at a page called the Profile Summary Page - do not fill anything out on this page. Scroll to the bottom and click Log Out

* Once validated (24 hours) you will then be able to sign into SPIN for added functionality and remote access