Hahnemann Library 24/7 Space Relocated to Expand Seating and Provide Access to Technology

Hahnemann Library 24/7 Space Relocated to Expand Seating and Provide Access to Technology
Jenny James Lee
February 2, 2015

Hahnemann LibraryBeginning Tuesday January 20, each floor of the Center City Library will have its own separate entrance, and the 24/7 library space will move from the second floor to the first floor. The first floor of the library, adjacent to student spaces (Jazzman café, student lounge, and Student Services offices), will continue to provide computers and technology for student use and will be open 24/7 with its entrance at the Geary Lobby. The second floor entrance will remain the same, with what has been serving as 24/7 space available to users when the library is staffed. After library staffed hours, the entire second floor will be closed.

The internal stairwell will be closed as a part of this change. Patrons and staff will use one of the other neighboring options to enter or move between floors of the library. These include the nearby elevators and escalator. Each floor also has an emergency exit for use under appropriate conditions. Closing the interior stairwell will ensure that each space is designated, used, and secured appropriately. Leaving the stairwell open would continue the same frustrations as the current 24/7 space. Historically, the 24/7 space has been a source of staff and patron frustration because when the staffed library closes, patrons must temporarily leave the space: packing their belongings, passing through the security gate—ensuring that they have checked out or returned library materials—then re-entering the 24/7 space through an exterior door.

Relocating the 24/7 space to the first floor of the library will remove this frustration point and significantly increase the amount of seating available when the library is not staffed, while also providing more technology. There are an additional 30 seats and 24 computers available, plus a media:scape collaborative workspace where users can share digital information equally on two flat screen monitors positioned at the end of the table and group tables with network connections for laptops available where groups can work collectively. The first floor of the library has more open space with glass walls for increased visibility and safety. Proximity to the overnight security guard is also improved. Groups seeking collaboration space can readily move into the café area outside the library space. Geary Lobby, adjacent to the Library, is part of the student services area that has been developed to include collaboration and meeting spaces for students, contributing to an enhanced student experience.

The Libraries is collecting feedback regarding this change and users should completed the online survey or utilize the comment boxes located on both floors of Hahnemann Library to share your experiences with use of these Library spaces. Please include information about how you use the space so that the Libraries can most appropriately interpret your feedback and determine which future changes or additions will best benefit the larger community.