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Hot Topic
Ellie Goldberg
October 4, 2009
Requests have been coming in to restore the microwave in the café. Here are the two latest: calimanoThere used to be a microwave in the Cafe area, but we could not find it anymore. I understand Taco Bell will want students to purchase their food. However they open and close at scheduled times. The cafe area is the only campus place open to students 24/7 where students are able to study. We would appreciate it a lot if we can have a microwave at the cafe, please. Could you have a Microwave in the library? We need to be able to microwave hot food.

Thanks very much for this suggestion. This is a great idea, and library administration is currently talking with Drexel Dining Services about installing a microwave in the vending area at the back of the café.

Although there is a Taco Bell in the café, students who use the café area are welcome to bring in their own food and are in no way obligated to purchase Taco Bell food. If you are told that you may not bring outside food into the café, please see a member of the library staff.