New library website search, mobile hours, and mobile events

New library website search, mobile hours, and mobile events
Eddie Rubeiz
December 11, 2014

We're rolling out two changes to the Library Website today: an improved search of the Library website, and mobile-friendly versions of our Library Hours and Events calendars.


Helping people find what they're looking for is what libraries are all about. We're always working on new ways to help you search our site more effectively. Today, with some help from the Office of Information Resources and Technology, we're rolling out some big improvements to our library site search. We're now using the same technology as the rest of the University's websites to find your search results on our library site. Try clicking on the image below for a screenshot:

Screenshot of our new search page

Because the new search engine is more powerful and flexible, you'll notice a couple of improvements right off the bat. For one thing, the new search finds more results. Search results now include PDF files on our site, such as our annual reports. It's also now much easier to find contact information for library staff. This is particularly useful for us, of course, since it makes it easier for us to get in touch with our colleagues.

The new search also gives you more choices. If you get too many results on your first try, try clicking on "Advanced Search", which allows you to narrow them down. You can require additional search terms, or exclude all the pages containing a word you're not interested in. You can also sort results by relevance or by date, or pick how many results you want on each page.

Over the next few months, we will be gradually adjusting our web pages to work better with the new search, which should make your search results even more helpful. We might also decide to include more pages, including our extensive collection of Library Guides, or even results from outside the Libraries Department.

Hours and Events Calendars:

Another feature we're rolling out today is a mobile-friendly versions of two useful calendars: our "Hours" calendar, which lists when our various locations are open, and our "Events" calendar, which shows upcoming Library events. Using your cellphone or tablet, visit them at and (If you view them on a wider screen, the pages will display the regular version of these calendars.)

Here are some screenshots:

Our new Hours page

Our new events page

We hope you find the new features helpful. As always, your feedback is welcome: let us know how how they're working for you.