Laptops now available through 'Vending Machine' in W. W. Hagerty Library

Laptops now available through 'Vending Machine' in W. W. Hagerty Library
Jenny James Lee
January 2, 2013

Laptop Access 24/7 provides access to a dozen MacBook Pro laptops through a lending kiosk located in W. W. Hagerty Library’s Bookmark Café. Both the Café and Kiosk are available 24/7. Any member of the Drexel community with a valid ID can borrow laptops from the Kiosk for use within the building for up to five hours.

For more information about the Kiosk, please contact the Libraries Communciations Manager.


General Information

  • The kiosk was launched on Tuesday, December 4, 2012.
  • The kiosk is available anytime the Bookmark Cafe is open [24/7 during the academic term].
  • Laptops in the kiosk are available for up to five hours.
  • Laptop use is limited to W. W. Hagerty Library and the Bookmark Café.
  • Borrowers must agree to the Terms of Service.

Drexel Implementation

  • Laptops in the machine can be released at any battery level. The Libraries set the kiosk to not allow a machine to be checked out unless it has at least 70% battery life.
  • Drexel is the first institution to use 15” MacBook Pro laptops and the first to offer laptop lending in Philadelphia.
  • Drexel worked with LaptopsAnytime to develop a customized laptop kiosk that holds 12 computers– the company typically offers a 6 laptop kiosk with an extension until that houses 12 computers. Update: The Kiosk was expaned to provide 24 laptops in 2014.
  • The kiosk works with Millennium, the Libraries’ integrated library system, and Drexel community ID cards: Dragon Cards.
  • Computers are networked to printers in W. W. Hagerty Library.
  • The laptops in the kiosk provide a variety of software for students.
  • Borrowers are financially responsible for lost or stolen computers.
  • Laptops are cleared of personal information when they are returned to the kiosk. This process takes, on average, a few minutes.
  • After a laptop is returned, it cannot be borrowed again until the personal information is cleared and the battery reaches at least 70%.

About the Kiosk & The Vendor

  • The Kiosk vendor is LaptopsAnytime based in Dallas, TX.
  • The Libraries Kiosk cost $30,000. Funds for the kiosk came from donations.
  • The welcome and help screens of the kiosk are customizable
  • The kiosk is equipped with a built in camera for security and identification.
  • When a user checks out a machine, the Kiosk will dispense the available laptop with the longest battery life.


How long can I borrow a kiosk MacBook? 5 hours

Is there a late fee and how much is it? Yes, $5.00 for each hour after the five hour lending period.

What happens if I lose or damage the MacBook rental equipment? You are financially responsible for loss or damage.

Do I have to sign a Laptop Agreement form? Yes, you have to agree to the terms of the Laptop Agreement before checking out a laptop from the kiosk.

What do I do if the MacBook is not functioning properly? Return the MacBook to the kiosk and check out another laptop if available. A borrower who returns a laptop shortly after checkout will be asked if their was a problem with the machine. This helps to quickly identify and resolve problems with the laptops.

Do you restrict where I can take the MacBook computer? The kiosk Macbooks are Library Use Only and are to not be taken out of the library building. The library building includes the Bookmark Café and Legal Research Center. Take note: During overnight hours (2am-7:30am Mon – Fri and 10pm-10am Sat-Sun) kiosk MacBooks must stay in the Bookmark Cafe.

How do I connect to the wireless network? You will log into the laptop using your Drexel username / password. Once logged in, the laptop will automatically connect to the DragonFly3 network.

When I return the laptop, what happens to any data I have left on it? Kiosk MacBooks are wiped clean to protect your privacy.

Can I store data on the drive temporarily? Yes, however we recommend that you take advantage of the USB port or backup your data via your email or cloud accounts. If the device reboots anytime during the allotted borrowing time all data if scrubbed and the C drive is reimaged.

What if I get a virus? A simple restart/reboot reimages the computer. NOTE: Save your work to a removable drive or cloud account first. All equipment is provided guaranteed to be 100% virus free when delivered to you.

Questions about Costs & Payment? Overdue fines and replacement charges should be paid at the Circulation desk with cash or credit card. You can view any fines on your account by visiting the Drexel Libraries website and clicking on “My Library Record” located on the right of the screen.

Are there any hidden fees? No.