The Libraries' Articles & More Search To Be Upgraded

The Libraries' Articles & More Search To Be Upgraded
Spencer Lamm
June 20, 2014

What's Happening? The Libraries' Articles & More discovery tool will get a new look, new features, and enhanced usability.

When? During the week of June 16th.

Articles & More? What's that? Accessible from the home pages of the Libraries' Main and Health Sciences web sites, the Articles & More search is a broad, multidisciplinary tool that searches in-depth across the Libraries' print and electronic collections to find journal articles, newspaper articles, books, and dissertations. Articles & More is an implementation of the Summon Search Service which is being upgraded to version 2.0. 

What Will It Mean? Increased readability through a simpler layout that reduces visual clutter and improved search with features that enhance results and provide new ways to explore resources.

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Design Improvement Highlights

  • Easier Scanning: The Summon tool now expands to the full width of your browser window, which when combined with a cleaner design and minimized text makes it easier to navigate and scan results for the right resource.
  • Facet and Filter Improvements: The options for limiting searches by criteria such as peer-review status, content type, date, have been made easier to read and the popular discipline facet has been moved higher on the page while lower use facets have been minimized.

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  • Additional Information About Resources: To learn more about a search result while scanning the page simply hover over it with your mouse to see more information and options for citing, emailing, requesting, or reading the item online. 

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  • No More Pagination: Rather than having to click through pages of results to find the right item, search results will scroll infinitely, a feature familiar to Facebook users. 

Search Improvement Highlights

  • Content Spotlighting: To make scholarly materials easier to identify and interact with, search results for content types such as newspaper articles and images will be grouped separately from journal and book content. 

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  • Enhanced Search Queries: When search terms match predetermined topics, search queries will be expanded based on those synonyms to provide a fuller set of results. As an example, a search on "heart attack" will also bring back results for "myocardial infarction."

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  • Topic Exploration: The right hand column in search results includes additional information to aid with your search. Search topics that match entries in authoritative sources like Credo Reference and Encyclopedia Britannica will generate a summary of the topic. Additionally, a list of related topics will be generated that can be used to refactor a search. 

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Features To Come

The Libraries' will be replacing its current Research Guides later in the summer. When we do we will be able to expose content from Research and Subject Guides in Summon. Guides will show up in search results, and the topic area on the right will include suggested librarians based on subject area as well as recommended research guides. 

Try it Out for Yourself! 

You can preview the new version at: