@ The Libraries: Embedding At Drexel

@ The Libraries: Embedding At Drexel
Jenny James Lee
May 7, 2014

For many years now, students and faculty have been able to interact with the Libraries without physically leaving their homes, classrooms, or offices because the resources and services of the Libraries are easily made available online. This spring, the Libraries will expand this concept further – inviting students and faculty to physically interact with librarians without leaving their departments, offices or classroom buildings.

For the past several terms, liaison librarians have been working to identify the high traffic areas and research hubs within their schools and colleges. They have been unobtrusively positioning themselves with a laptop in school and college lounges and study rooms, some have sent emails advertising their presence and others may have placed a tabletop sign.

Beginning soon, the Libraries will mark its presence in campus spaces with a large flag, helping to indicate the availability of expert research guidance.

“I am excited to better market this embedded placement of our valuable expertise in areas where it can be of the most use,” says Danuta A. Nitecki, dean of libraries. “The Libraries is a partner in teaching, learning and research and embedding its expertise in areas where these activities take place will further support thoughtful collaborations and strengthen research. We aim to bring the Libraries to Drexel students and faculty rather than expect them to come to us.”