Mice With Your Fries?

Mice With Your Fries?
Ellie Goldberg
July 7, 2009
We’ve had some commentary of late about recent food rule enforcement.

Since you’ve taken away the only place where students can eat in Hagerty due to construction, will there be a temporary location for hungry studious students? Before the café, the basement was designated as the food area. Can we reinstate the basement as a designated food area temporarily? Summer students get hungry while studying too. Plus, we pay tuition.

Please let us eat here. It’s no fair that us summer students always get the short end of the stick. Give us some slack until you reopen the café.

Thanks for the suggestions. We know this is frustrating. Many fondly recall the days when Hagerty library allowed people to eat entire meals wherever they wanted in the library. The direct consequence was a less savory memory: varmints. As we all know, the only way to detract bugs, mice, and worse, is to not feed them. Facilities like the Bookmark Café and other food-friendly lounges have the staff to clean up what hungry students leave behind. As a library, Hagerty just doesn’t have those resources. We recognize that summer students are just as important as students in other terms. This is why we want to keep the library clean and safe during summer—the season when leftover food most quickly turns into a stinky jackpot for pests. To combat your hunger, we’ve compiled a list, found at the end of this blog post of places where you can eat your meal on campus. And don’t forget that we are still allowing snacks and covered drinks into the building.