New Faculty Portfolios Features Help Researchers and Teachers

New Faculty Portfolios Features Help Researchers and Teachers
Jenny James Lee
March 6, 2014

The Faculty Portfolios system assists Drexel faculty manage information about themselves. As of January 2014, it simplifies creating bio sketches for NIH grant proposals and helps track information about courses they have taught.

NIH Bio Sketch: Faculty can now easily create a customized NIH bio sketch by editing a form downloaded from Faculty Portfolios as a Word document. The downloaded form will already include numerous pieces of information required by the NIH that are drawn from data entered and stored in their profile within Faculty Portfolios. The result is less work to find and retype details about publications for example.

Tracking course information: Drexel’s Banner implementation now downloads the past three years of information into each faculty member’s profile. This will include data about courses taught, catalog descriptions and number of students enrolled. Faculty will only need to confirm information for it to be part of their profile.

Recognition of Student Scholarship: Faculty can now note the publications of students with whom they have worked in the teaching/advising section of Faculty Portfolios. Some colleges request reports of such collaborations in annual reports so this feature will help faculty remember important details when needed.

The Faculty Portfolios Implementation team continues to help describe faculty achievements in the Creative Works section, guided by input from Westphal College faculty who helped to define what information needs to be included in the system. New updates will soon be available for use.

Faculty Portfolios is an evolving and powerful central database of information about Drexel faculty’s academic achievements. This database collects and manages information about activities from various sources. Applying analytic tools to its data, faculty and administrators can identify research collaborators, produce evidence for tenure, promotion and program reviews and formulate comparisons and ranking of Drexel research and academic output with other institutions.

Library liaisons continue to be available to provide presentations, workshops, consultations, and help in preparing reports from the data; the Libraries also continues to offer assistance with data entry.

Questions about Faculty Portfolios should be directed to the Director of Academic Partnerships, Beth Ten Have, or to your individual Liaison Librarian.