New Food Policy

New Food Policy
Tara Wyckoff
November 3, 2008
Beginning today, there is a new food policy in place. Please check out the full policy, but here are a few of the highlights: What food and drink ARE allowed everywhere in the Library (except near computer stations, library-owned laptops, scanners, copiers, etc.):
  • Beverages
  • Snack food, such as candy bars, nuts, pretzels, pastry, and cookies.
What food and drink ARE allowed in the Bookmark Café:
  • In addition to what is listed above; meal type items such as, pizza, burgers, fries, fruit, hoagies, sandwiches, salads, etc.
  • If we can smell it or if it can easily make a mess, you should probably take it to the Bookmark Café.
What food and drink is NOT allowed in the Library:
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden.
  • Ordering delivery of food to the library.
Remember to police your trash and use the requisite receptacles. Please report any spills that occur to the Library Staff so that the spills can be cleaned as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance for helping to keep the library clean!