New launching page for LibGuides

New launching page for LibGuides
Kathleen Turner
September 16, 2016

Need to find . . . systematic reviews on clinical topics?  Journal articles for your psychology paper? The latest fashion trends? How to construct a truss bridge? Where to vote in November?

Our LibGuides are created by librarian experts to point you to the best resources for your work, whether it’s a class paper, a design project, a class lecture or a co-op search. Our LibGuides landing page has just been re-designed, to help you find LibGuides by school, or by cross-disciplinary topics such as careers, funding, teaching, or writing. Start your exploration with our “New to Drexel Libraries” guide, look for a quick answer in our FAQ, or dive in to the wealth of resources available for your school or major.

New LibGuides Homepage (screenshot)

It all starts at .