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iPad Lending at the Dornsife Center

Applications Available on iPads in the Dornsife iPad Lending Kiosk


  • 123DSCULPT - A 3D sculpture and design app that gives users a lump of virtual clay or several premade shapes to alter. Users can rotate the view in all directions and can interact with the virtual clay much as they would with actual modeling clay.
  • 7 Billion - Published by the National Geographic Society, this app features photography, informational text, interactive maps, videos and more all about the impact of a rising human population on Earth. Use these high-quality images to illustrate or inspire research projects and for sparking groups discussions.
  • Design Museum - Digital museum of objects from the collections of the Design Museum of London, presented in a slick and liquid interface that is, itself, as innovative as some of the art on display. Each object in this digital collection has a complete catalog record with detailed information.
  • DoodleBuddy - Simple paint app with preset backgrounds, stamps, and stencils to make more powerful images; contains tools to draw circles and squares.
  • The Getty Art in L.A. HD - This app tells the story of the history of art in Los Angeles from 1945 to 1980, and is made up of four different digital exhibitions. Users can listen to audio content and see painting, photographs, sculpture and other art presented in an information-rich environment.
  • Getty Images - A catalog of stock photos that make excellent writing prompts and illustrations; users can search, browse, save and share some 24 million photos, as claimed by the app. Shake the iPad for a random picture
  • The Louvre HD - A digital subset of the Louvre's iconic collections, accompanied by short informational articles about the painting.
  • Miniature Flamades -

Digital Storytelling

  • FeltBoard - Create compelling felt scenes with pre-designed characters and shapes. Keep interactive for one-on-one play or use it to create visuals for a digital storytime, which can be shared via the in-app screenshot tool. Colors are bright and attractive, and the art emulates the texture of real felt.
  • i Tell a Story - An easy-to-use podcasting tool that allows users to record audio of any kind and enhance it with sound effects on a simple three-track mixing deck.
  • Miniatures - This video tool creates tilt-shift stop-motion videos. Users will recognize this popular photo technique from many commercials and the opening credits of popular shows. It can create interesting and even spooky video effects by isolating some parts of the frame to focus and creating more distance between objects and backgrounds in the image.
  • Storykit -An expansive digital storytelling tool that allows users to compose text and lay it out along with images in electronic storybooks, as well as to draw directly on the screen and add recorded music, voiceover or other sounds. Includes public-domain versions of 'The Three Bears' and 'The Three Little Pigs' for sample and for remixing.
  • Strip Designer - This app is a series of comic strip or graphic novel panel layouts into which users can import photos or drawings, add text boxes and other art, and stickers that say things like 'Boom!' and 'Pow!'
  • Toontastic - Choose from various characters and backgrounds and create your own cartoon. It walks users through classic plot structure with five scenes.
  • VoiceThread - this app is customized for collaboration, and allows users to add text or audio annotations to images or slideshows. After users have added annotations, they can share links to the newly created voice thread via email and then add their own annotations to voice threads created by others.
  • Wattpad - An eReader, eBook, and eText service all in one, connecting users to free novels and stories in a variety of genres and categories, including fantasy, romance, mystery and teen fiction. In addition, users can upload their own fiction and become part of the social electronic text community at Wattpad.

Early Literacy

  • Letters A to Z - An app designed for very young children to practice their letter knowledge and phonological awareness skills; users tap a letter to hear its name and tap pictures of objects that animate and play the sound of the letter.
  • Literacy Skills Sampler HD - This app is designed for adults who wish to improve their functional literacy skills. Short videos isolate and highlight basic words, using lots of visuals. Design is bright and clear without being childish or simplistic.


  • CutTheRope - This app is an educational game incorporating principles of physics in a dynamic and interactive play space. Users move through a series of challenges in which the goal is getting a cookie in a frog's mouth, and they must conceptualize and experiment with force, velocity, direction, gravity, etc. It takes a very long time for children and young teens to tire of this game!
  • Jurassic Park - This dinosaur-keeping game features simple graphics; users feed, water, and build enclosures as they manage a dinosaur zoo. Similar to iBloom in concept.
  • Storylines - A guessing game that combines two kinds of literacy, guessing a word or phrase from a drawing, and then turning that phrase back into another drawing for the next player. Adaptable for at least 2 and up to 12 participants. (A cross between Pictionary and Telephone\).
  • Tinytap - Using any photos, easily create games for toddlers where they have to touch or a tap a specific part of the photo when prompted by voice prompts you record.


  • Google Earth - Google's powerful mapping and satellite imaging data are at your fingertips in this app; includes 3D recreations of some cities as well as views inside famous buildings and landmarks. This is a must-have reference app.
  • MapBox - A powerful mapping tool that draws on many open-source products to provide sophisticated map making, viewing, and sharing capabilities.
  • Tap Quiz Maps - This learning quiz app asks users to identify states and provinces of the United States and Canada, and countries around the world, on blank maps.
  • WhirlyGlobe - this app is an interactive world globe perfect for use with younger children, because it does not have the level of granular detail most users are used to from Google Earth. Users can zoom into the country/continent level, and tap the screen to turn on country or U.S. state name labels. It spins in any direction, and the display is liquid and attractive to children.


  • Pandora - This Internet radio app from the Music Genome project identifies similar songs and artists to ones users select and then streams them; users can hit the thumbs up or thumbs down on tracks to modify the algorithm for what their stations will play.
  • Piano - This piano emulator is a delightful way to show off the iPad to a new group; try setting multiple iPads side by side running this app until you can see the full run of piano keys at the same time.
  • Spotify - This app streams millions of songs. Users can easily search for an album, artist name, or track name and then listen live. This app helps share music and songs with friends, and is a great way to find new artists to listen to.
  • Stitcher Radio - This app allows users to find any audio--music or talk radio, podcast or performance--and to listen to it on demand. Listen to particular (and local\) stations, search for particular episodes of Internet-only broadcasts, and use the embedded social media tools to crowd source your way to your next favorite show.
  • Video Star - With this music video production app, users can select a song from their iTunes library and instantly start filming their own version of the music video. Some included effects and others available for in-app purchase.


  • AP Mobile - this app delivers breaking news content from the Associated Press. Users can search for particular stories or themes, or see headline news in several categories. Contains text and photo content.
  • BBC News - Delivering international news from the British Broadcasting Company (BBC\) in text, audio, and video formats, this app connects users to many kinds of world news.

Photo and Image Editing

  • Crayola LCC (Lights, Camera, Color!\) This app creates a digital coloring page by draining any photograph of color but maintaining the lines. It has an in-app camera, or users can upload from the photo roll to quickly remove the color from any image, and then color it on the screen with virtual crayons, markers, or pencils.
  • Fotobabble - This app allows users to add voice-over content or text content to one image or a series of images. Use it to create a narrated slideshow or a talking postcard you can email.
  • PicStitch - This app effortlessly makes picture collages with custom frame layouts and basic image editing options inside the app. Users can experiment with fractal images by making several collages and then importing them back into the app to make an even more complicated collage image.
  • PS Express - The PS in this app stands for Photoshop, and although this tool is not as powerful as either the professional Creative Suite from Adobe or the home product, Photoshop Elements, it does have many basic image editing options and image tools.
  • Snapseed - The price is worth it for this powerful photography and image editing software that has nearly all of the advanced features users might expect from Adobe's Photoshop in an intuitive, easy-to-use tablet interface.

Science - Earth Sciences and Astronomy

  • Mars Globe - An interactive globe that rotates, spins, and zooms to and from the surface of Mars seamlessly; follow a guided tour or visit over 1,500 geographical features on your own with links to more information.
  • Moon Globe HD - An interactive globe that rotates, spins, and zooms in and out seamlessly. Turn on/off filters to show spacecraft landing sites with year or geographical name, and move the light of the sun over the moon to create any phase.
  • NASA App HD - A content-rich app presenting thousands of images from NASA telescopes and satellites, live streams from NASA TV, information on current missions, International Space Station tracker, and reference material about the solar system and space exploration.
  • NASA Visualization Explorer - This app is essentially a news feed of consumer-friendly reporting on advancements in space and climate science. Each story is presented with an informational article and right images, videos or animations that demonstrate and explain the science at work.
  • Planets -This map of the starts shows locations of planets and constellations in either a 2D or 3D map, and tracks when which planets are visible from Earth; the 3D map helps young observers orient themselves when observing the night sky and easily see constellations.
  • VideoScience - Eighty videos of hands-on science experiments allow users to virtually experiment without lab or otherwise specialized equipment; topics are appropriate for middle school and up, with many advanced concepts and some popular topics such as 'green' plastic, 3D modeling, and air cannons.

Science - General

  • 3D CellStain - A set of interactive graphics and microscope photography that display and show the structure and parts of a cell.
  • Creatures of Light - Reference app from the American Museum of Natural History about kinds of bioluminescence, how it works, and how bioluminescent organisms are studied. The text is fairly dense, explaining scientific concepts at levels appropriate for middle schoolers and above, but also has lots of engaging and vivid photographs.
  • Greenpeace Images - Beautiful and high-interest photography of nature from an environmentalist organization; often updated content brings world from the rainforest to the Antarctic, as they advertise, to the iPad.
  • Exploriments: Weight, Mass and Force of Gravity-Effect of Altitude and Comparison across Multiple Planets - Six interactive science experiments about weight, mass, and gravity.
  • Bloom - Users grow a virtual flower or virtual vegetable plant in this app, which includes interactive motions to supply the plants with their basic needs: food, water, and air. For example, users blow into the microphone to give their plant air.
  • LeafSnap HD - This ultimate electronic field guide is used to identify trees by photographing their leaves; users take a photograph and then work through the database to match it to a species.
  • PBS - This app delivers Public Broadcasting Service programming, from primetime content to archived and special segments, including Nova science documentaries, Frontline's investigative journalism, and Masterpiece.
  • Pollution App - This app uses the onboard GPS to show users sources of potential air, water and radio-wave pollution in particular locations. Users can set a custom radius around their location, or search for other locations around the country. Geolocated map data shows the potential source of pollution, as well as current information with the name and address of the corporation or other source of the pollution. Note that this app is optimized for the iPhone screen, so iPad users will use it at half size, or double the image size at a loss of resolution.
  • Science Glossary - This app offers a somewhat limited list of scientific words and definitions. Because this glossary is specifically meant for elementary and high school science classes, many other common scientific terms are missing.
  • Smithsonian Channel - This app delivers hundreds of hours of high-quality science, nature, and history programming from the Smithsonian Channel. Excellent informational and multimedia content to support science and nature programming and instruction, as well as fine examples of video production to use as samples in video programs.

Video Editing and Production

  • iMotion HD (free\): Make stop-motion animated films with just a few taps. The in-app settings allow users to control the frame capture speed as well as the playback speed to achieve desired stop motion effects, and the app uses an onlon-skin translucent image option to keep your objects exactly where you mean them to be.
  • Splice - A no-frills but powerful video editing tool that is an excellent alternative to iMovie. Users can shoot video, import and cut it up, add music via in-app purchase or import from iTunes.

Miscellaneous Apps and Utilities

  • Dropbox - Seamlessly share photos, documents and other files between the iPad and any other computer or device; set up public folders to share large files too big to email.
  • Educreations Interactive Whiteboard - A digital whiteboard for working out problems that includes a text tool and 10 different colored markers to choose from.
  • Epicurious -This app is compendium of easy-to-follow recipes with rich photographs and options to search by cuisine or ingredient.
  • Flipboard - Curate your own iPad magazine with this app; pull in content from your social media feeds or from other blogs and magazines to create a digital magazine with custom content.
  • iTranslate Voice - This app is a translation machine to and from 24 major world languages and their dialects; speak into the microphone and the software translates, and it speaks back a reply. Users can also correct the input by using the in-app keyboard.
  • Job Aware - Although this app is primarily a tool to search for job ads, it also comes with helpful content about writing resumes, researching companies, and effective interviewing, as well as offering a salary comparison tool across 50 U.S. cities.
  • Kindle - Amazon's proprietary ereading app, which allows users to download and read Kindle format books (.azw and KF8\). While most of the content is paid, the app is free and any libraries using OverDrive's eBook service will have access to Kindle format books. In addition, Amazon does some free content, especially previews, available to experience.
  • Merriam Webster Dictionary - This is an easy-to-use and authoritative dictionary that offers pronunciation help and synonyms and antonyms in addition to definitions.
  • ScreenChomp - A screen capture tool that records a video of however users interact with the simple whiteboard; great way to record a simple tutorial for a math or language arts problem.
  • SlideShark - An app that opens plays presentations in a variety of formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint, so you can show any presentation with the flexibility of an iPad interface instead of projected on the wall.
  • U.S. Citizenship -Offers study questions and practice quizzes for users studying for the U.S. Citizenship test; choose this app because it offers the questions in Spanish and Chinese as well as in English.