Redesigning a Library Website

Redesigning a Library Website
Jenny James Lee
May 7, 2014

Last year, there were more than 1.6 million visits to the Libraries’ website and nearly 2.1 million downloads of electronic articles, books and datasets. This makes the website the most visited of the Libraries’ five locations, providing access to the largest collection of resources. Just like a physical facility periodically needs updating and renovating, it is time for reconstruction to the entrance of the virtual library.

For the library staff, preparing for a redesign of such a popular and dynamic learning environment takes careful planning – and a tight timeline. The redesign involves a number of experts, including staff from the library systems department.

The website interfaces with thousands of academic content providers and data repositories, serves as a connection to librarians through chat services and provides tools to easily discover support information useful for study and research. But the website is not just a pretty interface, it offers an interactive environment for students and faculty to connect with data and information and create new knowledge.

“Our team is well underway in designing the Libraries’ new website, ” Spencer Lamm, manager of discovery systems says, “and in particular we are focusing on building a consistent structure for the site which will provide easier, more intuitive and reliable access to library services.”

Planning for the new library website began last summer after Spencer Lamm joined the Libraries as manager of discovery systems. Spencer had previously led a redesign of the TriCollege library catalog, Tripod, and he has set an aggressive timeline for the Drexel Libraries redesign with a plan to launch in fall 2014.

“Once the website is up and running it will provide the framework for us to explore new methods for delivering content and providing access to library services, all in support of the academic research process” Lamm says.

A new Drexel Libraries website will launch in fall quarter. The Libraries has already met with several stakeholder groups to plan the initial organization of information provided through this site. If you are interested in participating in future user testing, please provide your contact information to