RefAware: On Trial through June 30th

RefAware: On Trial through June 30th
Kathleen Turner
June 5, 2008
RefAware, developed by the producers of the very popular RefWorks, is
“a web based current awareness service designed to provide researchers and other members of the academic community with immediate access to new research and publications in their field - all within hours of being posted online. Providing one source for a variety of research data, RefAware constantly scours the internet for the latest information and automatically delivers new information directly to the user. Covering over 8,000 peer-reviewed sources and other non-refereed sources of information, RefAware provides a comprehensive, up-to-the minute picture of today's global research.”
It is an alerting service, but the breadth of information RefAware accesses for alerts is much more complete than other alerting services we’ve used in the past (i.e. Ingenta). The search results link directly to SFX for Drexel full text, and can also link to your Refworks account to your RefAware account for direct import of citations. You can sign in to RefAware using your Drexel email address at and try it out until the end of June. Please send feedback to Some tips on using RefAware: Creating an Account:
  • Go to: (Note: In order to sign-up for an Account, a first-time user must do so with an email address of the organization’s domain name.)
  • Click on Create a New Account.
  • Enter user information and create password.
  • Click on the Create Account button to finalize.
  • An email will be sent confirming registration.
Setting up User Profile: Once the registered user has created an account, they can customize their “Account Preferences” under the User Profile area within the program. The preferences include the ability to:
  • Change Password and Login Information
  • Set-Up Email Alert Frequency
  • Select Discipline Specific Coverage
  • Link RefAware to a RefWorks Account.
  • Change User Default Settings
The user is now ready to create their search strategies. Creating Search Strategies:
  • Click on Create Search Strategies, and then type in the Strategy Name.
  • Select the first criterion (Term, Author or Journal) that you want to include in your strategy by clicking on the Search Criteria drop-down box. Enter the information in the text box.
  • Click on Add Search Criteria. Your criteria will be displayed in the Criteria List. Add additional criteria by making a new selection in the Search Criteria drop-down box. Each line is separated by a logical “OR”; in other words, the results of your Strategy will include all articles that meet ANY of the criteria on individual lines of your strategy.
  • Once you have completed your strategy, click the Save or Save & View Results button.
Further assistance on establishing search strategies can be found via online Help.