Renovating W. W. Hagerty Spaces

Renovating W. W. Hagerty Spaces
Jenny James Lee
November 6, 2013

This October marked 30 years since W. W. Hagerty Library first opened its doors in 1983. Since, many things at Drexel have changed, but the core attributes embodied by President Hagerty remain the same. Drexel students are energetic, innovative and daring. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the building, the Libraries has updated the Mary E. Hagerty Learning Lab [room L33] as well as three group study rooms.

The Mary E. Hagerty Learning Lab is a collaborative instruction space that provides technology and flexible furnishings to accommodate a variety of different types of instruction. Renovations to the room added a glass wall and doors to increase light and provide a new writing surface. New furniture with tables and seating for 24 was also added to increase the functionality of the space. The room also provides a SMARTboard, computer, projector and podium. Primarily used as a library instruction space, the environment is also available for Drexel faculty for one-time classes or presentations open to the community.

Three group study rooms were renovated through the generous support of donors and new rooms feature updated furniture, paint, writing surfaces and/or technologies.