Renovation Plans to Improve W. W. Hagerty Library

Renovation Plans to Improve W. W. Hagerty Library
Jenny James Lee
March 21, 2013

Increased seating and improved utilization of space are the focus of a proposed renovation to W. W. Hagerty Library. After months of planning, library staff, along with campus planners and administrators and the architectural firm Kling Stubbins, have proposed ways to address these objectives.

“Although these are not finalized plans, I am excited by the possibility to add about 300 additional seats to the library – while increasing the flexibility of the space and improving traffic flow and decreasing noise,” said Danuta A. Nitecki, dean of libraries.

Input from discussions with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administrators and library staff was used to rethink how the library functions. “It was important to include our stakeholders in the process and we continue to accept feedback on the design plans,” Nitecki said.

Additional design work is needed for the University to be able to estimate the cost of the project and begin discussions about the impact on operations. Questions and feedback about the renovation can be directed to the Libraries at Stay tuned for more updates.