Seven Individuals Recognized at Fourth Annual Library Celebration Awards

Seven Individuals Recognized at Fourth Annual Library Celebration Awards
Jenny James Lee
May 22, 2013

Two individuals, one team and two student workers were recognized at the fourth annual Library Celebration Awards, hosted by Drexel University Libraries, on Friday, May 17, 2013. Approximately 40 guests attended the breakfast celebration to recognize  Libraries' staff at the Library Learning Terrace.

The Library Celebration Awards were established in 2010 to recognize individuals or teams who have advanced the values of the Libraries through exceptional accomplishments.  In addition to the Libraries staff, a student worker is also recognized with the Jane Bryan Student Worker Award, named for the Libraries’ previous director, which recognizes a student’s dedication and services to the Libraries. The Bryan family was in attendance to deliver this award.

Staff who received outside recognition from professional organizations were also recognized during the event for their contributions to the library community. These individuals included Laura Chance, Kenneth Fisher, Linda Katz, Kate Masterton, Holly Tomren and Kathleen Turner. Individuals who published papers or presented at conferences were also celebrated at the event.

Recipients of the 2013 Celebration Awards Include:

Diane Kinney, metadata services and acquisitions technician, whose outstanding efforts to enhance outreach services have gone above and beyond the required duties of her position, was the first honoree. Diane helps students through the final arduous process involved in the submission of their thesis or dissertation for binding. This includes helping students review documents for correct formatting and coaching individuals on how to resolve formatting issues. Diane’s cheerful manner puts students at ease and she often rearranges her schedule to meet with students after normal business hours. Students often seek out Diane, due to the positive experiences of their peers. Diane’s careful attention to the needs of the patron population has increased the library’s reputation for outstanding customer service and academic support.
Photo at Left: Diane Kinney with Dean of Libraries, Danuta A. Nitecki

Head of access services, Deirdre Childs, was honored for leading the reorganization of access services and interlibrary loan functions at the Libraries, demonstrating an exceptional level of dedication, skill and collaborative spirit – all while enhancing services and experiences for users. Dee implemented streamlined and consistent policies and procedures across library sites, making it easier for staff to work at different locations and ensuring that patrons have similar experiences, regardless of their location. Specifically, Dee centralized student worker recruitment, paperwork processing, documentation and more. Her work over the past year has contributed to greater collaboration and cooperation among staff and enhanced services.

In the fall of 2012, the Libraries rolled out a new reserves system, bringing enhanced services for faculty, students and staff. The Ares team of Laura Chance, Deirdre Childs, Katherine Fischer and Allison King, was responsible for bringing about that change. This cross-library team researched reserve systems and proposed the adoption of Ares. They worked extensively to map out changes in workflow, develop training materials and documentation and communicate changes to faculty and students. The implementation of this new system has allowed for automated reserve services, integrated copyright management, saved time and increased productivity, a single access point through Blackboard Learn and valuable usage statistics. Through the preparation, communication, training materials and events, and the endless tact and patience displayed by this team, the new reserves process was successfully adopted.
Photo at Left: Katherine Fischer, who accepted the award on behalf of the team, and Dean of Libraries, Danuta A. Nitecki

Francisso Parliaros is patient, polite, intelligent and driven to improve Drexel Libraries services. He has contributed to the Libraries in many ways, including working with the Laptop Lending Kiosk’s vendor and providing after-hours support for the Kiosk’s operations. In one of his more notable contributions, Fran organized a core beta test group, composed of students, to help the Libraries better understand how they could meet student needs. Through this group, the desktop support team learned that students wanted additional software installed on the public computers and Fran worked quickly to fulfill this request. More recently, Fran worked with the paleontology department to help build a case for a crocodile brain on the Libraries' 3D printer. 
Photo at Left: Lou Parliaros, Fran Parliaros and Dean of Libraries, Danuta A. Nitecki

Over the past year working in the interlibrary loan and systems departments, Leondas Parliaros has gone above and beyond the duties of his position. Lou initiated the idea that a program could be developed to correlate package tracking numbers with item request numbers in interlibrary loan, to enable the Print Resources Access Management team to track the location of specific items during shipping. Shortly after, the program was developed and is successfully working with the Libraries database and UPS Worldship. Lou displays a constant dedication to ensure that all equipment – including copiers, scanners and computers – is functioning correctly.

More photographs of the 2013 event are available online.