Shooting Simulation Brings A Unique Learning Exercise To W. W. Hagerty Library

Shooting Simulation Brings A Unique Learning Exercise To W. W. Hagerty Library
Jenny James Lee
July 3, 2013

On any given day at W. W. Hagerty Library students, faculty and staff actively engage in a variety of different exercises and activities to build knowledge and learn new skills. They work in group or individually, and interact with physical or electronic materials and technologies.

This was no different on the morning of Wednesday, June 19, 2013 as police officers and first responders from across Philadelphia arrived at the library to conduct a shooting simulation. The Department of Public Safety led this multi-agency exercise, allowing first responders to simulate reactions to an active shooter situation.

“I was happy to offer our library as a venue for this simulation, bringing an entirely new style of learning to what typically occurs in our building. It is unfortunate that situations might occur for which such simulations are necessary, but as a member of the campus community, it is comforting to know that our public safety office is actively training for these scenarios,” Dean of Libraries, Danuta A. Nitecki said.

Several Libraries staff members participated in the exercises, volunteering to act as victims to aid in the simulation. They wore clothing and props illustrating their assigned “injuries” and were asked to act as realistic victims as first responders entered the building and the pops of paintballs being fired filled the air. Library materials were relocated or protected during the exercise and no materials were damaged.

Click here to view staff images of the exercise. “Victims” were enacted by Brendan Johnson, Oreste Jimenez, Tom Pugh, Al Gerhold, Tim Siftar, and Ann Yurcaba.


Drexel Police Chief Edward Spangler was interviewed in a June 24 WPHL-TV (PHL-17) segment on Drexel’s preparation for mass shootings. [includes video]