Student Feedback Drives New Services

Student Feedback Drives New Services
Jenny James Lee
September 4, 2013

In early December 2012, the Libraries launched a new and innovative service at W. W. Hagerty Library that received international press coverage and positive feedback from peers, patrons and the Drexel community. This new service was the Laptop Lending Kiosk and it all started with the request of a Drexel student.

This student was Omer Hashmi, a member of the Graduate Student Association, who had concerns about the security risk of carrying his personal laptop to his off-campus residence in the early morning and late evening hours after studying at W. W. Hagerty Library. The Laptop Lending Kiosk provided Hashmi with an opportunity to borrow a laptop throughout the evening and early morning and allowed him to safely keep his laptop at home.

Feedback is an important part of the Libraries’ planning process and requests and comments from members of Drexel community are crucial in prioritizing new initiatives.

 For more information about the Libraries' quality improvement efforts contact John Wiggins, director of library services and quality improvement.