Summer Blockbusters

Summer Blockbusters
Ellie Goldberg
August 10, 2010
There's some great summer movies out right now. But with the high price of movie tickets these days, maybe you'd like to stick with the classics. Here at Drexel Libraries, they're free with your ID card (as long as you return them on time). Here's what we've got that'll match this summer's movies any day:

Salt's gotten some pretty good reviews, but we've got many great spy movies in our Leisure DVD collections. How about a Hitchcock classic? Ever seen North by Northwest? It's one of the best. Or maybe an Austin Powers flick for some ribald double entendre?

Seen Ramona and Beezus yet? What did you think? Sure, it's for kids, but the Ramona books are for everybody--and they're a great school time read. You can finish each one in a fun hour or two. Find them in Hagerty's teen section on the lower level.

Inception will have your brain tied in knots, but so will Christopher Nolan's other films, including the unforgettable mind-bender Memento.

Elizabeth Gilbert broke the bank this spring with her blockbuster book, Committed. Now there's a new movie out based on her previous work, Eat, Pray, Love. Read them both before you see the movie. Then decide for yourself whether Julia Roberts makes the grade.

The Other Guys, Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg, are tearing things up in this summer's cop buddy movie. Want something a little more serious? Try In the Heat of the Night with Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger. It's  one of the original cop buddy movies--and it'll get you thinking.

All these books and DVDs are available at the library--just pick them up while you're here. You don't even have to look up the showtimes. Better yet, enjoy them in the library. We've got AC! .