Taco Bell

Taco Bell
Ellie Goldberg
October 19, 2009
We've received several comments about the Taco Bell in the café. Here are two of the latest: Why was a Taco Bell implemented in the Bookmark Café? Facilities do not take care of the mess caused by the customers. It’s no longer good for studying. Taco Bell was a bad idea. The smell of tacos and burritos is not something that belongs in a library. A coffee shop or something with some healthier food options would have been better for studying students. Bring back the coffee! Move the Taco Bell into the Student or Recreation Center.

calamity_haneThank you for your comments. Taco Bell’s implementation in the café was a decision made by Drexel’s Dining Services office. Several months ago Dining Services conducted a survey of Drexel students asking them what new food vendors they wanted to see on campus, and Taco Bell, along with Chick-Fil-A and others, was one of the winners. If you are unhappy with the dining options in the library, please let Dining Services know, and please encourage your friends and peers to do the same.

Regarding coffee, please see other recent comments.