Taco Bell at Hagerty

Taco Bell at Hagerty
Ellie Goldberg
January 8, 2010
As you may know, since the opening of Taco Bell in the Bookmark Café, we’ve received lots of comments about it. These have included:
  • Students are sick of hearing that they should contact Dining Services with their complaints, and the library has not done enough to fix the problems.
  • The microwave is gone.
  • The café area is louder and messier than before.
  • The new security system is a hassle.
  • The food is unhealthy.
  • The decision to install Taco Bell ignored what was best for the student body.
These concerns are all valid, and they are our concerns too. Since we learned of the coming Taco Bell, library managers have been meeting with university administration, dining services, campus security and facilities management to cope with the changes that have come with the new arrangement. We have anticipated and listened to student comments—including repeated requests for a microwave and complaints about the security system. We have shared these comments, suggestions, and complaints with the relevant Drexel offices and discussed ways to make improvements. Here’s some ways we’ve been working to make improvements:
  • Microwave: After much discussion with dining services, Hagerty library administration has decided to purchase a microwave. It will be installed in the café by the end of January.
  • Cleaning: We’ve coordinated with facilities to set up a rigorous new cleaning schedule.
  • Security: We’re working with campus safety to improve the entry and exit system between the library and the café.
Dining services is the Drexel office that manages the Taco Bell and makes decisions about food options around campus. We encourage students and others to contact dining services because it will strengthen our own work with them in advocating for the library and the community we serve. Please keep your comments coming—to us and to dining services. You can make comments for the library here. You can make comments for dining services here. Thanks for your input thus far!