TRUE or FALSE: Orientation Library Quiz

TRUE or FALSE: Orientation Library Quiz
Kathleen Turner
October 29, 2007
At orientation sessions this summer, we gave you a quiz about the libraries (and entry form for our free printing raffle). How did you do? 1. I can get help from the library in person, by phone, by email and by IM. True or False?
True, of course! Visit the Reference Desk at the Libraries, call us, email or IM us -- we'd answer questions by carrier pigeon if that worked best for you!
2. I can use most of the libraries' resources and services without ever walking through the library door. True or False?
True! With more than 500 databases for doing research, 21,000+ online journals and more than 80,000 electronic books (all available both on and off-campus when you sign in with your University email ID and password) and -- of course -- email and IM reference, you can be a 4-star library user from anywhere.
3. If the library doesn't have the book I need, they can help me borrow it from one of thousands of other libraries. True or False?
True! Using our E-Z Borrow service, you can search the catalogs of dozens of nearby academic libraries and request a book yourself; you'll be notified by email when the book arrives. If you can't find the book you need through E-Z Borrow, our Interlibrary Loan service can get it for you -- just place your request through ILLiad; they'll send it on to a network of thousands of libraries.
4. When I want to take some time off from studying, the library has new release DVDs and current bestelling books that I can borrow. True or False?
True again! (Do you see a pattern here?) Hagerty Library has several hundred DVDs, classic and recent movies from 12 Angry Men to Snakes on a Plane, popular TV series, and a selection of Bollywood titles. Leisure reading collections at Hagerty and Hahnemann Libraries include both fiction and non-fiction bestsellers, even some current graphic novels.
5. Shhhhh! It's a library -- you're not allowed to talk here! True or False?
False! (Gotcha on that one, didn't we?) Students need to work together in groups, to study together -- they need to talk to each other! But they also need quiet study space. So we have areas of the libraries that are good for quiet, solitary study, and areas that are a bit more lively; we just ask you to be respectful of your fellow library patrons. And speaking of lively spaces, watch for announcements about Hagerty Library's new 24-hour lounge area, designed for comfort and collaborative work!
P.S. Winners of the drawing for free printing in the libraries are being notified by email.