Welcoming New Dragons: Personal Librarian Program, Workshops and Open Houses

Welcoming New Dragons: Personal Librarian Program, Workshops and Open Houses
Jenny James Lee
September 14, 2015

Hagerty LibraryIn the past five years Drexel Libraries has connected over 15,000 students with librarians and staff in an effort to help bridge the gap between high school and college, raise awareness of Libraries’ services and provide a personal connection. The personal connection provides a contact within the Libraries to not only help with finding information and using the libraries, but also to learn about many other different programs at the University that aim to help student succeed in their first year.

Students connect to the Program in a wide variety of ways, ranging from nearly half of students engaging with email content, to a smaller percentage who meet with their librarian in person. Since we protect student privacy in their activities in using information and the libraries, many contacts with the Libraries can be anonymous and thus we don’t always capture the full story about the Program’s impact.

This fall, as a new class of students prepares to join the Drexel community, the Libraries is preparing to help coach these Dragons to become lifelong learners who are knowledgeable about information – where to look for it, how to evaluate what’s found, how to utilize it, and how to appropriately cite it.

As students begin to return to campus for move-in and welcome week the Libraries will offer workshops, open houses, library Taboo games and customized welcome emails in addition to the consistent in-person and online support offered to the entire community throughout the year.