Worthy of a [Foot]note

Worthy of a [Foot]note
Kathleen Turner
April 2, 2008
apastyle.gifWe're pleased to announce the addition of the APA Style Guide to Electronic Reference to our electronic collections:
Expanded and updated from the Electronic Resources section of the Fifth Edition of the Publication Manual, this comprehensive yet succinct style guide in PDF format offers up-to-date information on formatting electronic references in APA style. With more than 40 example references, the APA Style Guide to Electronic References outlines for students and writers the key elements to include in references to electronic sources, with numerous examples. Among the new examples are dissertations and theses; bibliographies; curriculum and course material; reference materials, including Wiki; gray literature, such as conference hearings, presentation slides, and policy briefs; general interest media and alternative presses such as audio podcasts; and online communities, such as Weblog posts and video Weblog posts. Students and writers will find this guide indispensable as well as convenient to download and use when citing electronic references.
This brief guide, in useful pdf format, is available to students and other members of the Drexel community (yes, you may print a copy for yourself) -- just search "APA style" in the Library Catalog.