Writing Help

Writing Help
Ellie Goldberg
October 2, 2009
If you need help writing (and we all do), Drexel's Writing Center has just the thing. Throughout the fall term, the Writing Center will host workshops on how to handle aspects of the writing process. And here's a bonus: lot's of the workshops will be co-taught with librarians from Hagerty to help you streamline the research and writing processes. Check out the entire fall program and register for online and on campus workshops. Upcoming highlights include:
  • Oct. 3, 1-4pm: Thesis and Dissertation Support: Thought Engines and Generating Ideas
  • Oct. 7, 7pm: Integrating Evidence and Citation Skills: Focus on APA Format
  • Oct. 15, 7pm: Style Workshop: Clarity (the Care and Feeding of Sentences, an Owners Guide)
There are many more, running through December 12. Check them out and make sure you come to at least one this term. You'll be glad to have the tips and ideas for improving your writing and research skills.