You Said, We Did: Lighting at Hahnemann Library

You Said, We Did: Lighting at Hahnemann Library
Jenny James Lee
February 2, 2015

Feedback ImageYou said:

Lights are burnt out at the Center City Library making it dark in some places – why does it take so long to replace them?

We did:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention – it has taken longer than we’d like. Replacing different kinds of lights, in different spaces, has raised different complications.

We have ordered appropriate replacement supplies and now will be able to respond quickly to replace the bulbs in the carrels.

Overhead lights can be more complicated. While the building’s facilities crews can replace some bulbs immediately, others need to be managed by the overnight team to handle when the library is closed. And, still others require replacement parts. We have replenished our supplies of these parts to help speed up the process and hope that you’re noticing increasing numbers of lights working throughout the library – and a faster response to those not working.

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