Your Identity is Secure (Hagerty Library)

Your Identity is Secure (Hagerty Library)
Ellie Goldberg
April 15, 2009
I noticed that when I swiped my wallet going through security, my driver’s license came up on the computer screen. Why is Drexel Security “looking” through my wallet? Do you read my credit card, debit card, and health insurance information? Drexel ID is the only thing you should “look” at. I recommend all students swipe their cards only.

Thank you for your question and concern. The items in your wallet are safe, and we are not able to take pictures of them. There are two possible causes for confusion. First, when you scan your Dragon card, your on-file photo appears on the security screen. So what you saw may in fact have been the photograph from your Dragon card.

Alternatively, you may have seen a driver’s license that belonged to someone else. At the Hagerty security gate we take two kinds of ID: Dragon cards for members of the Drexel community, and other picture ID (usually driver’s licenses) for members of the public, alumni, and faculty and staff from other universities.  The monitor at the front security gate uses one kind of scanning software for Dragon cards and another kind for other types of ID, and both of those programs appear on the monitor at the same time. So you may very well have seen a driver’s pictured on the screen, but it was not yours. It most likely belonged to the last patron to enter the building who did not have a Dragon card.