Going Paperless: An Overview

As the University has adopted document management systems and fully electronic business processes, many departments are looking to transition to paperless recordkeeping in order to improve efficiency and save space. Departments can pursue such a transition with the approval of the Records Management Archivist. To get started, review the Imaging Standards for University Records and contact the Records Management Archivist, who will guide you through the following process:

  • Contact the Records Management Archivist to get the process started:
  • Review the pdf icon  Guidelines for University Records in Electronic Format.
  • The Records Management Archivist will schedule a meeting with relevant departmental staff and a representative from the Corporate Compliance and Privacy Office.
  • In collaboration with IRT or DUCOM IT, and the Corporate Compliance and Privacy Office, departments will select a system that best meets their business needs along with any privacy and security regulations.
  • In cases where offices are handling especially sensitive data, such as that involving patients or human subjects research, the Records Management Archivist will consult with the Office of the General Counsel.
  • Departments will work with the Records Management Archivist to develop metadata standards and an imaging workflow that will allow for efficient retrieval for business purposes and compliance with the University’s Records Management Policy.
  • Departments are strongly encouraged to follow the metadata and imaging guidelines outlined in pdf icon Guidelines for University Records in Electronic Format to ensure records can be discovered and accessed over the long term.