InterNano - Resources for Nanomanufacturing

InterNano - Resources for Nanomanufacturing
Jay Bhatt
July 22, 2015


InterNano, a service of the National Nanomanufacturing Network, informs and connects the nanomanufacturing community of researchers and practitioners. InterNano creates, collects, contextualizes, and disseminates relevant and timely resources, such as news highlights, reviews, processes, and topical assessments of the current state of practice in nanomanufacturing.

For Researchers: InterNano brings together content about nanomanufacturing from a variety of sources.

InterNano Library

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The InterNano Nanomanufacturing Library is a searchable and openly accessible database of nanomanufacturing research, government reports on nanomanufacturing, and federally-funded education and outreach efforts for nanomanufacturing. 

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