Need a Weekend Movie?

Need a Weekend Movie?
Ellie Goldberg
July 1, 2011
It's a long weekend. Hallelujah! Want to choose  your DVD before coming to the library to pick it up? Try this:
  • From the library homepage, click the link that says "Advanced Keyword Search."
  • In the top search bar, enter a search term, like "action," "animation," or "Hindi."
  • To get a list of all Hagerty's DVDs, enter an asterisk (*) into the search bar.
  • Choose "Hagerty Leisure DVD" as the location.
  • Hit search.
You'll get a list of all the DVDs in our collection. When you find a title you like, click on it to make sure that the location says "Hagerty Leisure DVDs" and the status says "Available." That way, when you get to the library, you'll know just what to grab. You can swing by and pick it up anytime. We're here all day Saturday and Sunday--but we're closed on Monday to celebrate our independence! Have a great long weekend!