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The Drexel University Archives provides guidance and resources for Drexel University departments who want help managing their active and inactive records in accordance with the University's Records Management Policy.  We can also assist you in identifying records of historic value for transfer to the Archives.

Going Paperless

More and more offices at the University are moving to electronic recordkeeping systems to improve efficiency and save space.  The Archives provides resources, guidance, and manages approvals for those offices looking to transition from paper-based to electronic recordkeeping systems. 

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Creating a Local Records Guide

The Archives provides a template and example for creating a written guide for managing the records in your department. We can also answer questions about developing a guide in person or remotely.

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Destroying Records

The Archives provides a set of best practices for destroying records, as well as a records destruction form that you can use to document your local practices.

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Records Clean-Up Day Resources

Finding the time to destroy, store, and archive records can be difficult. To help you complete this on an annual basis, the Archives provides resources on planning and managing a records clean-up day to help your department clear out physical and virtual space, comply with University policy, and keep your recordkeeping system efficient throughout the year.

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Records Consultations

The Records Management Archivist can come to your department for one-on-one consultations or group presentations on both general and specific records management topics.  Topics that might be addressed are email management, student records, financial records, and file plans. You may also propose your own topic and the Records Management Archivist will work with you to provide the guidance that you need.

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Transferring Records to the Archives

If you have records that have historic value we can assist you in preparing them for transfer to the University Archives. Not sure if your records are historic? Check these guidelines or ask us! We can visit your office to assess whether the records should be destroyed or permanently preserved in the Archives.

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Email Management

Take time to clear your inbox. Check out these tips to take control of your inbox by setting up email filters in Outlook. The Records Management Archivist can help you to keep your inbox clean of clutter and identify email that is of historic value. Have questions, then ask us!

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