Save Drexel History (and clean out your office)

Save Drexel History (and clean out your office)
Rob Sieczkiewicz
August 19, 2010

As the guardians of the  institutional memory of Drexel, the Archives collects, preserves and makes accessible the records of the University. You'll sometimes find us here in Hagerty Library, but just as often we're in MacAlister or Curtis or Main, listening to faculty and staff tell us about what they do and the records they create.

After one such meeting, a professor eloquently expressed the following sentiments: "I have been wondering how I could preserve these bits of my office's history for... posterity. I had not thought of the Archives. Now, that's taken care of. Thanks."

If you'd like to make sure the work of your lab, office or department is preserved for all those who follow in your footsteps (and make a little more room in your filing cabinet or hard drive), please contact us!

President MacAlister in his office

Notice how clean President James McAlister kept his office. That is excellent records management!