Today's Presidential Spotlight: James MacAlister

Today's Presidential Spotlight: James MacAlister
Laurie Rizzo
August 25, 2009
Anthony J. Drexel and business partner George W. Childs selected Philadelphia public school superintendent James MacAlister (1840-1913) as the first president of their new Drexel Institute of Art, Science, and Industry.  MacAlister oversaw the institute from its dedication on Dec. 17, 1891 (though his term officially began on January 1, 1892), through June 5, 1913, establishing its administrative policies and hiring its first instructional staff.  ~ Shaun Kirkpatrick
James MacAlisterJames MacAlister
Interested in learning more about Mr. MacAlister, come and see the exhibition The Past Personified: a Presidential History of Drexel on the lower level in Hagerty.