Today's Presidential Spotlight: William Gaither

Today's Presidential Spotlight: William Gaither
Laurie Rizzo
September 16, 2009
William S. Gaither (b. 1932) served as the president of Drexel University from May 1984 through his resignation on Oct. 21, 1987, a period of difficulty but also of Drexel growth as a research university and as a residential campus. ~Shaun Kirkpatrick
Wlliam GaitherWilliam Gaither
The Past Personified: a Presidential History of Drexel is on display on the lower level in Hagerty. Join us for a reception for this exhibition on Wednesday September 23rd from 4 to 6 p.m in W.W. Hagerty Library (33rd and Market Streets) on the lower.  It is open to all and includes complimentary homemade refreshments.