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Engineering Information Alerts highlights relevant and helpful information for faculty and students in the engineering programs. This blog is maintained by Jay Bhatt, our Liaison Librarian for engineering.

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Four Drexel Students Test Their Peers' Research Knowledge in the Knovel Academic Challenge

The Fall Knovel Academic Challenge launched on Monday, September 28th at midnight, kicking off five weeks of questions to challenge STEM students in engineering concepts and questions. Each week, students are challenged to answer new problem sets, learn more about engineering resources and in doing so are entered to win prizes. There are four Drexel students who aren’t invited to participate in this year’s challenge – because they designed the questions. The questions utilize Libraries resources and test students’ research knowledge.

NISO Launches New Primer Series with the Publication of Primer on Research Data Management

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has launched a new Primer Series on information management technology issues with the publication of the first primer on the topic of Research Data Management. Two more primers on the topics of Understanding Metadata and Linked Data for Cultural Institutions, respectively, will be released in coming months, with additional Primers to be published periodically.

InterNano - Resources for Nanomanufacturing


InterNano, a service of the National Nanomanufacturing Network, informs and connects the nanomanufacturing community of researchers and practitioners. InterNano creates, collects, contextualizes, and disseminates relevant and timely resources, such as news highlights, reviews, processes, and topical assessments of the current state of practice in nanomanufacturing.

For Researchers: InterNano brings together content about nanomanufacturing from a variety of sources.

Full text conference papers published by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and a few other resources from ASEE

Founded in 1893, the American Society for Engineering Education is a nonprofit organization of individuals and institutions committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology.

See more at: ASEE

Search and access full text papers preseted at ASEE conferences (1996-present): ASEE Conference Proceedings Search

Registry of Research Data Repositories: is a global registry of research data repositories that covers research data repositories from different academic disciplines. It presents repositories for the permanent storage and access of data sets to researchers, funding bodies, publishers and scholarly institutions. promotes a culture of sharing, increased access and better visibility of research data. helps researchers to find appropriate repositories for the storage and access of research data.

Nanomaterial Registry

The Nanomaterial Registry is an authoritative, fully curated resource that archives research data on nanomaterials and their biological and environmental implications. The large quantity of nanomaterial-focused research and production has created a vast and growing body of nanomaterial-centric data. Yet, critical knowledge gaps in nanotechnology need to be addressed so that the use of nanomaterials is not outpacing the understanding of their implications. The Nanomaterial Registry is a data-driven tool aimed at enabling researchers to close this knowledge gap.

Best Practices and Strategies for Retaining Engineering, Engineering Technology and Computing Students

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) provides access to important resources to help us explore promising practices and strategies for retaining students in Engineering, Engineering Technology and Computing (including Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Technology, and related disciplines) programs.

Access:  ASEE Retention Project